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The Life of Brion Gysin

Brion Gysin may be the most influential cultural figure of the twentieth century that most people have never heard of. It was Gysin who introduced the Rolling Stones to the exotica of Morocco and took Stones' guitarist Brian Jones to Jajouka where he recorded the tribal musicians performing the Pipes of Pan. It was Gysin who provided the hashish fudge recipe published in Alice B. Toklas' cookbook, promising "ecstatic reveries and extensions of one's personality on several simultaneous planes." It was Gysin who introduced William S. Burroughs to an automatic writing method called the cut-up, a literary progenitor to sampling. As Burroughs said of Gysin: "There was something dangerous about what he was doing." John Geiger has produced the first-ever biography of the painter, poet, piper Brion Gysin.