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The Fate of the Franklin Expedition

"Chilling . . . will keep you up nights turning pages."

– The Chicago Tribune

"A riveting read, while the astonishing photographic record ... will lift the hairs on the back of your neck. The book gives a horrifying picture of the last days of those hungry, half-crazed explorers."

- The Scotsman

"It’s as if he’s unconscious," marveled Owen Beattie as he lifted the slim body of twenty-year-old chief stoker John Torrington to the surface, the young man’s head lolling onto his shoulder. Torrington’s perfectly preserved body had been buried in Arctic permafrost for 138 years. This is the story of how the investigation of the corpses of three Victorian seamen by forensic anthropologist Beattie led to the unraveling of the fate of the famed 1845 expedition commanded by Sir John Franklin.

This fully revised edition updates the research, and confirms Beattie's lead hypothesis, along with the discovery of physical evidence for both scurvy and cannibalism. It also has a new introduction by Margaret Atwood who has long been fascinated by the Franklin Expedition, and has made a pilgrimage to the site of the graves on Beechey Island.

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